A Quality of Life

‘’What is any development but ultimately a home to people or business? A place to live, to work, to thrive, to be proud of and of course - to enjoy. A community. An investment in today and for tomorrow. A valuable asset that will continue to grow in the years to come. No matter what we do we never lose sight of the people who will experience our developments. It is these people who drive us to constantly reach further, raising our bar so that we can provide them a lifestyle they deserve. We don’t simply develop properties, we help to enhance and build communities.''

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Since 1994, the TC Development Group has specialized in finding, creating, constructing and marketing exceptional development opportunities in some of BC’s most desirable areas, from concept to completion.

Our Story

We believe that today’s new homes and living environments should create a meaningful connection between
craftsmanship, technology, enjoyment and sustainability.

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At the TC Development Group, we focus on the valuable real estate market in BC.

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As much as we are committed to building for the future, we are also actively involved in preserving our past.

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The TC Development Group has developed an impressive track record of successful partnerships – all based on trust, transparency, integrity and success.

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